Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • We're committed
    to advancing
    opportunity for all.


At CareSource, we know that diversity, equity and inclusion not only strengthen our business but also enable us to shape the future of the health care industry and better serve the needs of our members, health partners and communities. Our goal is to continually guide CareSource toward a sustainable, inclusive culture that that not only represents our employee and member populations, but also leverages our diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and viewpoints to realize health equity for all our members.

  • We achieve our desired results through our collective knowledge and by leveraging the varied perspectives, experiences, talents and ideas of all.
  • We seek new viewpoints and ideas by attracting, developing and engaging a diverse workforce because we know inclusive teams create better outcomes and make better decisions.
  • We also recognize a diverse workforce is not enough — not enough to reach best-in-class status and to ensure that CareSource is the Employer of Choice in Health care. Our goal is to create a workplace where each of us can be our authentic selves and flourish.
  • We work to recognize our own biases and have healthy, courageous conversations in order to elevate our collective cultural competence.
  • As a CareSource employee, your voice matters and everyone is held accountable for demonstrating inclusive leadership behaviors that drive extraordinary results.

A Strong Commitment

In June of 2020, CareSource declared racism a public health crisis, in partnership with the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. Since then, we have also joined the HRC Business Coalition for the Equality Act and we are listed as one of the leading employers that supports the passage of the Equality Act on their website. Multiple employee-led groups that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strengthen our commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive culture, encourage employee engagement and involvement and continually advance our DEI strategy. These employee-led groups include:

  • Executive DEI Steering Committee
  • Equity Council
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
  • DEI Action Committees that research and address topics like talent acquisition, internal promotions and employee concerns
  • Special Interest Groups and Professional Communities of Practice

Diversity, equity and inclusion belong to everyone and are embedded in everything we do across the organization, including all of our Talent and HR practices.

Cultural Awareness and Training

In order to continue to build our collective cultural competence and to communicate our commitment to equity, we offer programs, learning experiences and training courses through a variety of platforms, methodologies and practices. We proudly boast a 100% completion rate for this year's offering of Understanding Implicit Bias!

Community Partnerships

CareSource has recruitment partnerships with a number of organizations. We typically participate in career fairs and virtual events, as well as support their initiatives and goals.

  • Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Hispanic Serving Institutions
  • Veteran organizations

Diversity in Business Award

The Dayton Business Journal has selected CareSource as a 2022 recipient of the Diversity in Business Awards. The awards recognize organizations that have contributed to harnessing diversity within their workforces and actively taking the lead to promote and champion diversity within the community or their industries.

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Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups provide a safe space and community for underrepresented groups and are voluntary and employee-led. They give employees the chance to participate in advanced DEI programming and career guidance, as well as help to build communities of support within our organization while fostering a culture of inclusion. These include:

Asian & Pacific Islander Community (APIC)

APIC was established to provide inspiration and awareness of all Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. Our mission is to identify ways to share our culture throughout the organization and provide non-Asian employees with an opportunity to learn and contribute to traditional events.

Black Employee Network (BEN)

Employees who identify as African American/Black, as well as those allies with a desire to support the growth of the community, work together to cultivate a support system for CareSource employees of color by providing education, personal growth and mentoring.

Military & Veteran Support Unit (MVSU)

MVSU provides a cohesive environment for those who support our military, veterans and their families. We strive to be a strategic partner and advocate by elevating military and veteran opportunities through learning, development and engagement.

Multigenerational Employee Group (MEG)

MEG's goal is to cultivate and foster a collaborative and inclusive workplace for employees of any age to grow and thrive together. We also seek to facilitate and optimize the development of emerging leadership talent through a focus on the diverse sensibilities of the multigenerational workforce.

Network of Indigenous/Native Americans (NINA)

NINA is focused on substantially increasing the representation of Indigenous and Native American peoples through knowledge, support and culture.

Mission: To create a space for any CareSource employee who has an interest in Indigenous and Native American culture wanting to gather, grow, encourage and educate.

Pride, Love, Understanding, Support (PLUS)

PLUS was created to amplify the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and others across the sexual identity spectrum. Our goal is to establish a presence and awareness of the LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at CareSource, inviting courageous conversations regarding diversity and inclusion.

Women Employee Network (WEN)

WEN was established to create forums and opportunities for employees to empower and support women. We work to create a network of support for employees to share and recognize women's achievements, provide increased opportunities to grow personally and professionally and advocate for increased representation in influential positions and leadership roles across CareSource.

"This has been one of the greatest career moves I've made. The work environment is positive, member-focused and team-oriented. Executive leaders are all very personable, welcoming and interested not only in the members, but also in the employees and what they have to contribute."

Wanda, Administrative Assistant III

"PRIDE is the one time of the year I feel I am allowed to be true to my entire self, without fear of consequence. Having CareSource participate means that even that small sliver of fear regarding my professional life can be set aside. That's just an indescribable feeling, since my professional life has been greatly impacted by being out in the past."

Devin, Provider Network Coordinator, PLUS ERG Pride Event Coordinator

"CareSource is a great place to work. You will develop life-changing skills and your growth potential is unlimited. I have been able to learn and develop in so many areas. The environment and culture here are very positive. This is a very diverse company that has a heart for diversity and inclusion on so many levels."

Clay, Service Center Team Leader

"My leaders always allowed me to think outside of the box and play to my strengths. CareSource is invested in the continued growth of employees and I have experienced that firsthand. The organization's commitment to employment advancement has helped me get to where I am today."

Lawana, Sr. Manager, Talent Development

"CareSource gives you an opportunity to join a progressive organization and come to work with your full self. The most satisfying aspect is partnering with phenomenal leaders to execute on our mission. Our commitment to serving our members and communities and our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion are what keep me here."

Chris, Human Resources Business Partner

"Care Source is a stable, national and leading Managed Care Organization. Our employee-centered focus and commitment to diversity and mitigating workplace bias set us apart from other healthcare organizations. Our teamwork is among the strongest I've encountered in over 38 years in the industry."

Greg, Team Leader for Ohio Medicaid