Leadership Careers

  • Your vision inspires
    what we do.


It takes a special person to be a leader at CareSource: someone who's a broad thinker, is open to new ideas and excels at focusing on the big picture as well as the important details. Building new processes and procedures is an essential part of your job. Now's the time to rely on your creativity and innovation to help us move forward, so we can help our members improve their health, well-being and lives. Industry leaders choose to work at CareSource because they value:

  • Committing to a mission-oriented organization that focuses on members, not shareholders
  • Fostering high-level engagement and partnerships across business areas
  • Motivating and developing a highly engaged and committed workforce
  • Embracing a role in our expansion into new markets during an exciting growth phase
  • Connecting with an organization that gives back to the community through investment, partnership and employee volunteerism

Dynamic and Inclusive

Ours is a dynamic environment where change is constant. That requires people who are collaborative, engaged and always ready with fresh thinking. We're also committed to a welcoming and inclusive environment where we help one another succeed so that we all succeed. A spirit of mentoring, leading, motivating and sharing our knowledge is embedded in our culture.

Always Room to Grow

Even for those who join us in a leadership position, there are many opportunities for career and personal growth. These can include:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring for new leaders
  • Job shadowing and cross training opportunities
  • Competency-based development at all leadership levels
  • Internal training and coursework
  • Support for external leadership workshops or education
  • Support for participation in local organizations at the leadership level

Dayton Doesn't Disappoint

"Hands down, this is the best company culture I have been associated with. While we work very hard, we also have a lot of fun and the people that I work with everyday are best in class. We are large company, but also very entrepreneurial so we can move quickly, be nimble and get things done!"

Scott, EVP, Markets and Products

"I am impressed by CareSource's non-profit status and its commitment to member satisfaction, not shareholder profit. I love the fact that we truly live our mission. The member is always at the forefront of the decisions that we make, and that is both personally and professionally rewarding for me."

Cameual, VP, Market Chief Medical Officer

"If you would like to come in and make an immediate impact and be exposed to an array of work, CareSource is the right place for you. We push each other to deliver the best for our members, providers and the community. When you hear the impact we are having on the members' lives, it sends chills up your spine."

Dee, VP, Ohio Market Operations

"My satisfaction comes from creating and nurturing relationships that impact the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in our communities. I could not ask for a better place to work. CareSource doesn't have to work to make you feel like part of a team because it is natural part of our DNA."

Dustin, Director Business Development, Kansas Market

"It is satisfying to know that the work we are doing every day is making a direct impact in improving the lives of our members. Our team works on the social factors that impact a person's health. I am grateful that I have an opportunity to exercise my passion for people and formal training in my job every day."

Toni, Senior Director, Enterprise Life Services

"I was attracted by the opportunity to work at a company with a strong strategic vision for growth and a commitment to communities at-large. CareSource's not-for-profit status sets it apart from other managed care organizations because we are mission-driven versus driven by accountability to the stockholders."

Frances, Director, Markets and Products